Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chuck Baldwin Money Bomb TODAY Friday September 26th

Now is the time to show your support for the candidate who Ron Paul has endorsed for President, Chuck Baldwin, tomorrow, Friday, September 26th.

As you consider whether to contribute and how much to contribute, please think about how much longer you are going to be able to continue to afford a home or a car; the outrageous impending "bailout" for the bankers and the multinational corporations; the jobs Americans have lost and are still losing because of the loss of our nation's manufacturing base; the costly and endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the $9 trillion deficit caused by runaway spending by the federal government; the strain that Illegal Immigration is putting on our economy; the continuing erosion of respect for the United States Constitution demonstrated by those politicians you have elected to represent you, and, finally, what all of this means to the future of our country and for your children and grand-children!

There is only ONE CHOICE for President... --RON PAUL'S Choice-- Chuck Baldwin! Please be as generous as you possibly can so that the Baldwin/Castle'08 can make the maximum effort over the final month of the campaign!

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