Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a line up of guests! - BUCK FOR CHUCK - THIS Saturday!

Chuck Baldwin

Adam Kokesh

Darrell Castle

General Charles Jones

Mary Starrett

Jim Clymer

maybe Tom Woods?

maybe Jerome Corsi?

Tune in all day Saturday!

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Nina Ground said...

Why have you not had us, the two from Nashville, TN, on your radio? We are the duo that speaks about our money and what exactly is happening here? We are the Dollar Daze Duo Andrew and Nina... we and only we "break it down big bird style. Getting people of the trough and into reality.

Money money money and the Secretary of the Treasurer as well as the President want swift action... What next?

Why don't they put more emphasis on the who exactly will be paying for all this
money mayhem and how?

The future of this country is in eminent danger from the private bankers and sitting politicians. We must keep deliviering this message now.