Monday, June 16, 2008

Mike Reagan 2 hour show LIVE June 17 and we will talk about our legal actions and our criminal charges we will file.

Mike Reagan call for all 9-11 and Ron Paul supporters to be hunted down and killed and this should not be tolerated.

We are going to move to get him off the air, arrested and fined by the FCC and we will sue him in civil court.

Come listen and express your opinion June 17th 10pm eastern


toneyal said...

How individual citizens got their vote back

In 2008 a massive movement will be started by individuals
who are fed up with the election process that exists in
the United States.

This is what will happen:

The citizens in this group will start mailing out envelopes
filled with small amounts of various powdered substances
normally found around the house.

These envelopes will be sent to the addresses available on
the Internet for all the candidates that the persons
are NOT in favor of.

This is why:

In 1991 an engineer, working in Boca Raton, Florida
wrote an e-book about this different form of terrorist
warfare (available Free on web site

Ten years later, just after the 9-11 event another event
occurred (see

Based on this post 9-11 their envelopes will close up the
candidates offices and possibly even the post office.
It may even shut down the 2008 election.

The individuals involved in the act will spend about
50 cents (51 cents now) for each envelope mailed out. As long as
they are careful to not leave finger prints on/in the envelopes or
stamps and use bogus return addresses they will not be traceable.

Mistermaam said...

Are you out of your ever loving mind? A stupid action like this would be the greatest excuse ever for wackos in the gummit to institute a martial law crack down the likes of which this nation has never seen before. Abandon your dangerous and seditious ideas . There's a better way to deal with the current situation, just listen to Dr. Paul's advice. Your idea would be shunned by Ron Paul. You bring shame upon the RP Revolution.