Sunday, June 22, 2008

Special guest Vernie Kuglin Friday LIVE taking your questions June 23 at 6-8pm eastern

We are going to open up the phone lines and Mrs. Kuglin is going to take questions LIVE!VERNIE KUGLIN is a retired FedEx pilot who became famous in 2003 when a jury in Memphis, Tennessee, acquitted her on six counts of tax evasion for which she could have received up to thirty years in prison.

She refused to pay income taxes when her study of the Constitution and tax laws led her to conclude that the IRS, itself, was not following the law. She also challenged mandatory tax-withholding, which in her view also was not constitutional. She wrote to the IRS on several occasions asking them to identify the laws that require her to pay an income tax, but never received a reply. As a result, she found herself standing alone against the IRS and also the legal staff of FedEx, which was sympathetic but not willing to incur the wrath of the government.After hearing her arguments, the jury agreed that she was justified in questioning the legality of the IRS and that her refusal to comply was based, not on a desire to evade taxes, but on a desire to force the government to obey the Constitution or, at the very least, to produce a law that requires American citizens to pay income taxes.

Amazingly, the government was unable to produce any such law, a fact that weighed heavily on the minds of the jurors. The court ruled that her acquittal did not remove her tax liability but did release her from criminal charges for not paying them.The real significance of this story is, not the validity of the income tax, but that there are few people like Vernie Kuglin who are willing to take such a courageous and seemingly hopeless stand on behalf of their political convictions. The world needs more like her, and we are proud to have her as a member of Freedom Force.

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