Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WE WILL HAVE LIVE COVERAGE of the Indiana and North Carolina Primary Tuesday May 6th, Ron Paul's first WIN?

Hello everyone,

We will be hosting LIVE primary coverage TODAY May 6th from Indiana and North Carolina.

We know the media is not going to report on the results of Dr. Paul SO WE WILL!

This is the main reason we started this network and we will continue to report the truth and let the American people for once decide based on the facts!

We have people on the ground in these states from all over that will be bringing us live updates on what is happening during the primary.

We are also going to provide live reports on the votes for Dr. Paul.
Start time 6pm until 12pm eastern time.

We are also going to open up the phone lines for all callers to discuss the success we are having all over the country.

Please let everyone know about this special LIVE event.


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