Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are now the new home of the Ron Paul National Meetup Conference Call

We are pleased to announce that Steve Harris and Fred Smart has made the new home of the weekly National Ron Paul Conference Call

We will now host this meeting LIVE for the National Ron Paul Conference Call for these great freedom loving people on our radio network to bring this to everyone for your convenience.

If you prefer to listen via phone you are still free to do so; however, you can now listen via radio for Steve, Fred and revolution broadcasting have agreed to provide this live call to everyone that wishes to take part and hear the special guest speakers and the progress that takes part on this call on a weekly basis and make it easy for you to listen without the hastle of using a telephone or to help you avoid long distance charges on your phone bill.

This call will take place EVERY Thursday from 9pm to 12pm eastern time.

Please send this information to your meetup groups and make them aware of how easy it is now to take part in special conference FREE of charge.

Dr. Steve Parent

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