Friday, May 9, 2008

OUR NEW PROJECT. We are going to attempt to hold the very first LIVE internet multi party debate.

We are going to host the very first LIVE internet multi party debate for every candidate running for President which will include Dr. Paul

We are already in this process and we have 2 people i will not name until we confirm all the guests that have agreed to the debate.

This could mean MSM coverage all over the country.
Here is how our debate will work.

We will ask 1 questions at a time to each candidate and every person in the debate will have a chance to respond without being interrupted.

We are also going to allow each candidate to pose one questions each that every other person will have a chance to answer without interruption and the person posing the question will be the last to answer the question they posed.

I want to know what everyone thinks of this idea and if you will support it help me get the word
out to everyone you can Please advise me on this issue.

Please advise.

Dr. Steve Parent

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