Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ron Paul “What we were supposed to be"

Ron Paul “What we were supposed to be”

The Swiss Confederacy, a model for the United States?

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Guest speaker: Dr Ulrich Schlüer, Swiss Member of Parliament for 12 years and spokesmen of the hugely popular Schweizerische Volkspartei

Switzerland stands as a shining working example of direct democracy in the very heart of Europe. Swiss commitment to a strict, neutral, foreign policy, combined with an excellently trained and heavily-armed citizen army, kept their nation out the conflicts of Europe for 700 years.

No country on Earth can claim such a track record on peace and pure democracy. Lately, the Swiss have delegated more authority to their confederate government, resulting in higher taxes, mass immigration, and for the first time in its 700 year existence, the Swiss army is involved on foreign soil as UN peacekeepers.

The hugely popular SVP party is currently agitating for the return to Swiss roots of pure (direct) democracy and neutrality. Our guest is Dr Ulrich Schlüer, spokesmen for the Swiss SVP.

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Anthony said...

We don't want a direct democracy. There a very good reasons why America was setup as a Republic... the most important of which was to avoid the tyranny of the majority.

profg said...

The way the Swiss were set up was as a confederation, not a "pure" or "direct democracy."

There's a reason why our founders set up a republic. It was to avoid a democracy, which they knew would lead to tyranny.

I hope you're not trying to advocate THAT!